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Stewardship FAQs

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the means by which we support our church. We do not charge dues. The church is supported through our voluntary contributions of time, talent and treasure.

What is our Stewardship Goal?

To fund Parish ministries 100% through stewardship contributions. This will eliminate dependence on the Greek Festival revenue and other major fundraisers to meet operating needs. Funds raised from these events may then be used for the reduction and ultimate elimination of our mortgage, upgrades to our Parish facility, and philanthropic efforts.

There are three specific things we can offer the church:


-Set aside time each day to pray for our church, for the priest, for the parishioners and for the ministries of the church.

-Set aside time to read the word of God in the Holy Scriptures.

-Set aside time to worship in church each Sunday and at other services.

-Set aside time to participate in the ministries of the church.


-Offer our talents to help lead a ministry.

-Offer our skills and contribute to a ministry.


-Offer our financial resources in a way that is sacrificial and joyful and we will see that what-ever we are offering is going to come back to us.

-Leave a legacy by remembering the church in our will.

What does it cost to operate our parish?

In the year 2024, it will cost $900,000 to operate our parish.

Do I need to fill out a pledge form?

YES! The only way to quantify both how many families we have in our church and how much revenue we can expect to raise through stewardship is by having each member fill out a pledge form.

Who should pledge?

If you are over age 18 and are not a student, you should fill out a pledge form. If you are married, you only need to fill out one stewardship form for your family.

How do I become a steward of the church

The answer is simple: fill out a stewardship pledge form, make a donation and send it to the office. Without a signed form, and a monetary donation you are not counted as a steward or eligible to run for the Parish Council and vote at the Parish Assemblies.

Is there a minimum amount that is required?

No, there is no mandatory minimum. The Biblical Standard of giving is 10% of one’s income. We are encouraging a gradual increase of personal giving, eventually working our way to 10%.

When do I turn in my pledge form?

After prayerfully deciding on your gift, please make your financial commitment on Stewardship Sunday or as early in the calendar year as possible.

What happens if I need to revise my commitment?

You can change your pledge according to your changing financial situation by submitting a new pledge form.

Will my pledge amount be confidential


Can I pay my pledge through my bank?

Yes, you can set up an auto deduction/bill pay through your bank and pay your pledge monthly. Be sure to visit your bank for information as to how to set it up. We are also accepting payments through Subsplash here. While we have Subsplash as a convenience for the stewards of our church, due to the fees associated with Subsplash, the preferred method is bill pay through a banking institution.

Should I pledge annually, semi-annually, monthly, or weekly?

The answer here is what-ever works for you. Most people find that they can contribute more if they pledge weekly or monthly rather than paying in a lump sum. The idea is that stewardship – not only the treasure but the time and talent – becomes part of your regular life, and that you make regular contributions in all three of these areas.

How do I leave a lasting legacy to St. John’s?

Leaving a lasting legacy to St. John’s is easy. Simply let Father Stavros, or one of the Stewardship Co-Chairs, know you have created a legacy gift: a bequest in a will or living trust; a charitable gift annuity; a charitable remainder trust; or designation as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. By doing so, you will become a member of the St. John’s Legacy Society. St. John’s is grateful to acknowledge these special benefactors during their lifetime.  And, in conjunction with our mission, this special society provides an opportunity for benefactors to make their philanthropy a perpetual legacy for themselves and an example for their families, and the community.

What if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to contact Father Stavros, or Stewardship Co-Chairs, George Mitseas and Chris Kyrus with any additional questions you may have.